[A4] Wheel bearing troubles

Guitar/Mcqueen guitar at conknet.com
Mon Apr 7 12:42:06 PDT 2008

  I just replaced both rear wheel bearings on my 98 Avant. The inner 
races on both of them were rusty from road salt/water leaking in past 
the seals. The left rear was so bad the wheel speed sensor ring had 
sawed though the speed sensor tip. I made a hydraulic puller using an 
Enerpac hollow pull cylinder and 3/4" threaded rod plus a lot of bits 
and pieces to extract the hub and the outer race and then pull in the 
new bearing from behind. You have to be really careful to put 
pressure on the right part to avoid destroying the new bearing, 
especially when the hub is pulled into the inner race. And be REALLY 
careful not to destroy the wheel speed $en$or$...
           98 AQMS

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