[A4] Gas "Gauge"

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Derek: Locate the proper fuse in the fuse panel located at the left side of 
the dash under the cover.  Pull it out and start the engine--it will start 
then die--still some residual pressure left but not much.

98 A4 1.8tqm

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> OK, so found this on the FAQ section of Audiworld.
> http://www.audiworld.com/tech/elec77.shtml
> Based on that read, it looks like this often comes down to a problem
> at the sending unit.  Some kind of loose connection and/or corrosion.
> Any ideas on de-pressurizing the fuel system?
> Derek P
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>> I have no answer for that except to say I've got the "classic
>> computer display" problem.
>> That was my only cluster problem until this cropped up.  I do
>> remember speedo issues and warning lights
>> were problems on the T44 cluster.  Usually bad solders or dirty
>> connections.  Related?  Besides being in
>> and Audi, I don't know.
>> Either case, not a big fan of the issues, especially replacing a
>> high-cost item that may just be prone to
>> failure.
>> As time allows, I'll peruse the FAQ at Audiworld.  If an informative
>> nugget pops up, I'll report back.
>> Derek
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