[A4] lights mean bad module?

DocWyte docwyte at comcast.net
Sun Apr 27 19:30:01 PDT 2008

Bad ABS brain.

You can either buy a rebuilt one, or I happen to have one for sale from 
my wrecked '01 S4.

S. C. wrote:
> Just purchased '99 A4 1.8t avant w/ 230k miles and always dealer
> serviced (until now).  ABS light illuminates, brake light flashes and
> intermittent warning tones sound while driving.  Often they stop while
> driving and all seems well; sometimes they don't stop until car is
> re-started.  Doesn't happen every drive and doesn't seem correlated
> with any event.  Dealer told PO the "ABS module" would need replacing
> to fix the problem and quoted 700 or so.  Any input?
> Freedom, NH Audifan
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