[A4] Lights mean bad module?

Brizax at aol.com Brizax at aol.com
Mon Apr 28 16:19:43 PDT 2008

true. i was originally  going to say scan with vagcom and make sure  none of 
the sensors are dirty, they are magnetic and collect brake/rotor dust 
In a message dated 4/28/2008 5:41:33 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,  
guitar at conknet.com writes:

I had the same symtoms on my '98 A4 avant.  VAG-Com  indicated it 
was a bad left rear wheel  speed sensor.  Sure  enough, a bad wheel 
bearing had allowed the sensor ring to saw through the  end of the 
sensor. Salt from NH winter roads can wreak havoc on the wheel  
bearings when it gets past the seals.

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