[A4] Timing belt replacement and water pump questions

Arthur Marks aamarks at cox.net
Tue Apr 29 09:46:54 PDT 2008

I have a (B6) A4 1.8 turbo  with 59,000 miles. It's about time for the 
timing belt and I noticed some mineral buildup on one of the front oil pan 
bolts along with a low coolant level in the reservoir so I think I may 
already have a failing water pump.

My 1st question is do I have to remove the bumper, or just slide it 
forward... (I have Bentley)? And do I need any special tools or are there 
work arounds? I've done some substantial repairs (removed the oil pan for 
sludge repair), but I'm not looking forward to removing the bumper in my 
driveway if I don't have to. If so, are there any replacement parts required 
for the bumper removal?

Also it seems to me a water pump should be able to last longer than 60k. Has 
the part been upgraded? ETKA seems to indicate 06A-121-012 replaces 
06A-121-011-T. Online vendors indicate you want a metal impeller but still 
refer to the -011#. Perhaps the -012 part# just ensures it's metal?

ETKA lists G 012 A8F M1 as the coolant. I think that is G12+? Is it ok to 
use Pentosin G12 that comes in this T-belt kit? 

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