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.  That one only appears to have covered lower control arms as well.


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Hey=2C did the recall on the control arms expire?  A couple of years ago th=
ey issued a recall for the late 90's A4 as they were all falling apart.  Un=
fortunately=2C I had just replaced mine with upgraded=2C non-stock ones (Mi=
elie was the brand I think) so they wouldn't reimburse me.  It's worth a sh=
ot anyway.


On Thu=2C Jan 15=2C 2009 at 5:02 PM=2C Brandon Rogers <brogers at> =

B5S4 on AW.  Like I said it's been a couple week or so - and I don't spend

much time there.  So it may be buried a few pages - of course they have a

decent Search function...

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Ya=2C things like this I just like to do and be done with.  Actually not

entirely true=3B I don't like to spend my time doing them at all anymore bu=

it's worth the savings.

When you say S4 list=2C are you talking Audifans or a subsection of Audiwor=

And B5 S4 or UrS4?

In the meantime=2C I'll go hunting in Passat land...thanks.


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