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Front brakes are really easy to do yourself.  Rear pads are a PITA IMO.
Then again I didn't have the _correct_ tool for the rears - it was a
tool that was supposed to be correct - but in fact was not...point being
with the _proper_ tool the rears might be fine too.  DAY cost is likely
under $300 for front rotors and pads all around.  I bet Indy mech saves
you $100-$150 compared to dealer but ??????  I'm in CO so I don't have a
rec on a shop


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Hey all, 

I just dropped my car at Fairfield Audi (CT) for 50K service.  Service
advisor just called to let me know that the front pads/rotors and rear
pads need changing.  Front pads are at 4mm, rotors need replacing and
rear pads are at 5mm but rotors are good.  $870 for brake work plus $170
for 50K service.  Obviously dealer is more expensive than indy shop but
anyone know of a place I can get this done well and cheaper in the
Stamford, CT area?  Looking for a reputable shop.  All opinions/advice
greatly appreciated.

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