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I can tell you from experience as a former Porsche/Audi advisor, dealer prices can be negotiated somewhat. $870 for front pads/rotors and rear pads seems a bit high in price in my opinion.  More than likely, the Tech's are going to bill you for 1.5 hours labor for the front pad/rotor change, and 1.0 for the rear pad change.  Most independent shops will charge the same amount of time, give or take, but the hourly labor rate is where you save the money. I could be off on billable hours as I've not worked for a dealer in a few years.
  Anyone recall what the service limit is on pads and rotors? It's been a long time, but I seem to recall 3mm being the limit for pads. That being said, if you want to save a little money for right now, the rear pads still have some time (depends on how many miles you put on the car in a given period). However, if you're particular (like me) you may want to go ahead and have everything done.  This will save you a second trip to the dealer later on.
  Ask the advisor if they offer any discounts for Audi Club members.  The dealer I worked for did this, but it was like the secret hand-shake.  It was not advertised, but if you asked for it, we would give the discount. You could also ask for a 10% discount on parts and labor -- I would usually give this to customers I had a good relationship with.
  Good Luck w/ everything!

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  Hey all, 

I just dropped my car at Fairfield Audi (CT) for 50K service. Service advisor just called to let me know that the front pads/rotors and rear pads need changing. Front pads are at 4mm, rotors need replacing and rear pads are at 5mm but rotors are good. $870 for brake work plus $170 for 50K service. Obviously dealer is more expensive than indy shop but anyone know of a place I can get this done well and cheaper in the Stamford, CT area? Looking for a reputable shop. All opinions/advice greatly appreciated.

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