[A4] Brakes

thomas stanton gatotom at verizon.net
Fri Feb 8 09:24:02 PST 2008

I just went thru a frozen left front brake caliper, the rubber boot ripped and eventually the piston froze, it took about a month. First started to notice a kinda miss or running rough and when I would get out of the car I kinda smelled brake pad. This went on for almost a month, the missing got really bad, so at 90K on the clock changed my coils and as I took it out for a drive, it really did not improve much and when I got out the brake smell was real bad. I put my hand on the wheel and could feel the heat, that piston was frozen, brake pads half gone. Now you would think the car would have pulled hard left on braking, no, hard right, piston frozen, actually not working, the good brake on right grabbing.

Good to learn that my local foreign car parts store had rebuilt calipers for 80 bucks instead of the 200 cost of new. 3 hours later job done.

Point of this story is that you would think the rotor would be bad, they are both fine, car now stops on the dime straight. Warren, I think you are getting hustled, change the pads and make sure those pins get lubbed up.

Thomas Stanton

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