[A4] A4 Brakes

thejimrose thejimrose at gmail.com
Fri Feb 8 12:13:30 PST 2008

if you can take the wheels off your a4 you can do brakes. there are writeups
all over the web [try audiworld]. the only catch, as mentioned, is the rear
brake piston retracting tool. it's $30 at any # of places [ecstuning.com]
for example.

in short, once the wheel is off, pull the caliper [2 bolts] and carrier [2
more bolts, might be bex head], pull off the rotors and pull out the pads.
retract caliper piston, pop on new rotor, pop in new pads, button up. get a
tube of brake grease [high temp] to regrease the caliper sliders - pull off
the rubber booties and loob the pins. don't let the calipers dangle by the
hoses. if the hoses are shot [or original] replace them, but you will have
to bleed. bleeding is easy with a helper or a 1man brake bleeder. if the
caliper piston boots are torn i'd replace it - they're cheap enough for

new rotors and pads are CHEAP - you can do all new parts on the car for
~300$. should take a few hours if it's your first time with a few beer
breaks. =)

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