[A4] Fogging Windows...

DocWyte docwyte at comcast.net
Tue Jan 15 06:18:56 PST 2008

I'd check your heater core for a leak.

Derek Pulvino wrote:
> Wondering if this is a common problem, and if so one that also has a  
> common solution.
> Only really notice the fogging occur when the weather gets cold (like  
> down to 35-Fahrenheit or so), with any precipitation making it  
> worse.  Most accumulation is on the edges of the windshield, tops of  
> the front windows, and pretty much all of the rear windows.  I'm not  
> aware of any leaks in the car, and I've got the climate control set  
> to Auto, Econ off.  Didn't get any faults with the CC in running a scan.
> So, any ideas?
> dp
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