[A4] Fogging Windows...

Arthur Marks aamarks at cox.net
Tue Jan 15 08:22:57 PST 2008

As others have suggested there may be a problem that is causing the humidity 
(if there is a heater core leak I would imagine you'd notice the radiator 
fluid getting low). However, running it on Econ means the A/C isn't helping 
to pull out the moisture. It's a good idea to run the A/C at least once a 
month even in the winter to keep the system well lubricated. You might try 
starting out your trips with Econ off and then turning it on once the 
moisture is out.


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Only really notice the fogging occur when the weather gets cold (like
down to 35-Fahrenheit or so), with any precipitation making it
worse.  Most accumulation is on the edges of the windshield, tops of
the front windows, and pretty much all of the rear windows.  I'm not
aware of any leaks in the car, and I've got the climate control set
to Auto, Econ off.  Didn't get any faults with the CC in running a scan.

So, any ideas?


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