[A4] Fogging Windows...

Arthur Marks aamarks at cox.net
Tue Jan 15 11:21:45 PST 2008

You might try setting the temp to LO. Have someone then toggle the ECON button to see if the clutch on the compressor is activating. I assume that if it wasn't working it would show up on the scan you said you did, but I'm not sure if that's covered by OBDII and VAGCOM. Otherwise maybe the temp is such that on auto the blower was very low so not as much dehumidifying was occurring.

BTW, what state has the highest humidity? Is it Washington?


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  Maybe that part wasn't so clear...still getting fogging issues when the CC is not set to econ.  Unless it's pretty dry out, a rare occasion here in Washington, I run the CC on Auto, which best I can tell runs the AC compressor.

  Today fogging wasn't that bad.  Same temperature, just no precipitation.


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