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That sounds similar to my problem. Although mine is a little worse. When I looked in my owner's manual, it said a blinking engine lights points to a problem with the catalytic converter. 

My car would buck at certain moments, mostly when I downshifted to slow down, speed up a little and then upshift. Right around that point of upshifting would my car buck and then the check engine light would blink. Now it stays on. My car never had issues at idle though. My mechanic said I needed a new cat converter.

Whatever you do, don't let a mechanic try to sell you a brand new cat converter for $1,000! Anyway it's been suggested ( for me anyway ) it could be the oxygen sensor going bad and not the cat converter. 

Hope this helps.


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Hi all, 

A strange problem has just arisen in my B6 A4 1.8TQM...I got in the car today and started driving and noticed a strange bucking movement, almost like the car was hiccupping or stuttering.  At first I thought it was just on acceleration but then I noticed it on idle too.  At one point the check engine light flashed for a couple of seconds and then went off.  It was running fine the last time I drove it (Monday early AM), I've been out of town until today and then it just started happening.  Any ideas what *might* be wrong???  


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