[A4] How much for a catalytic converter for my A4?

Rocky Mullin caliban at sharon.net
Wed Jan 23 21:39:41 PST 2008

ah, a local.  who is your mechanic?

On Jan 23, 2008, at 9:33 PM, Joyce Furono wrote:

> I live in San Francisco, so drastic temperatures changes places like
> Colorado has don't happen here. And the car lives indoors. I pay  
> extra for
> privilidge.
> I've decided to first ask my mechanic for the codes and ask if he's  
> thought
> about my 2nd oxygen sensor being the culprit rather than a bad cat
> converter. Then I can leave it as is and have a much cheaper  
> repair.  As
> Peter said, if it was completely blocked then I would have power  
> problems
> all the time. That makes sense to me. As it is I have no problems  
> when I'm
> driving on flat land whatsoever. When my car hits 140,000 miles,  
> I'll be
> much more open to getting a replacement...
> However it makes me feel a little better knowing that Audi charges  
> an arm
> and a leg for the cat converter. He generally tries to get genuine  
> parts
> unless asked otherwise. He didn't say it was broken, or that he  
> could hear
> anything rattling around in there. He specifically said it was  
> blocked.
> Thanks for all the thoughts!
> Joyce
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