[A4] A4 Digest, Vol 56, Issue 17

Robert King gt40mkii at gmail.com
Tue Jul 8 09:31:04 PDT 2008

> I picked up a pretty low mileage A4 today banged up from both ends. Lots
> of good parts. Obviously, if anyone needs anything, let me know.
> However, I am mostly posting for advice from people on where I should
> post parts for sale. Obviously eBay, but their policies and fees suck!
> Any other suggestions?

Tyson, can you give any more details on the car (year, engine, trim, etc...)

(Sorry if you already have -- I missed your initial post.)

I'm interested in several interior bits including:

- rear view mirror (if auto-dimming,)
- Instrument panel (if it has the computer display)
- both rear window regulators
- rear door panel attaching hardware (all clips, screws, foam inserts, etc...)
- Interior motion sensor on/off switch (located on B-pillar interior
trim panel, behind driver's seat.)
- Bose amplifier assembly
- Bose front passenger-side speaker (woofer.)

-- Robert

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