[A4] Alarm/Radio problems

Bradley, Warren Warren.Bradley at wwecorp.com
Tue Jul 8 14:11:04 PDT 2008

Hi all, 


I'm having some issues with my '03 A4 1.8TQM.  The alarm in my car is
randomly going off when I lock the car (using either the key fob or
physically using the key in the drivers door).  Sometimes it happens and
sometimes it doesn't.  When it does happen, it's not always easy to shut
it off.  Pressing the unlock or lock button doesn't always deactivate
the alarm (neither does hitting the panic button).  Any ideas what might
be going on?


Also, my stereo is intermittent.  Sometimes there is sound...and
sometimes there isn't, doesn't matter if I'm listening to the radio or
cd or iPod.  I'm thinking it's just a loose wire but you never know.
The head unit never loses power to it just the sound cuts out from all


This car is really starting to get on my nerves...


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