[A4] After-run pump, 30V

Scott Simmons indischrot at gmail.com
Wed Jul 16 22:48:38 PDT 2008

Hey all,

    Verified that my car (2000 ATQ) does indeed have an after-run pump 
(and module by the vacuum reservoir).  I have the 8Z6 option for "hot 
country," which appears to include a heavy-duty radiator, after-run 
pump, and heavier cooling A/C.

    Bentley seems to indicate that the pump, after MY 99, will run for 3 
minutes if the vehicle is driven.  I'm not sure if I've ever heard this 
thing run.  I got the car good and hot (oil temp at "11 o'clock") and 
shut it off.  No sounds from under the hood.  Does it have to reach a 
certain temperature and THEN it will run for 3 minutes?  The coolant 
temp always sits at "noon" (within a hair of it one way or the other 
sometimes).  Heat soak temperature readings, that is: me returning to 
the car after it has sat for awhile, finds the needle barely past noon 
(almost to the next mark).

Anyone have experience with an after-run pump?  Any specs on what all is 
included with the 8Z6 option?

Scott S.

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