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Thanks for input.  I did recently go through and change I think all but one or two of the EGR vacuum lines with new runs.  Maybe those are the culprit.  I was prompted by an intermittent EGR system leak that was picked up when I ran a diagnostic with a borrowed VAGCOM.

Maybe I'll have to take another gander, although getting to the point where I'm willing to pay a shop to troubleshoot this for me.

Say, anyone have a recommendation for an independent Audi shop in Seattle proper?  I've used Redmond Workshop in the past, but it'd be nice to find someone a little closer to home.

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I had a very similar problem on my old 2000 1.8T. It was indeed a vacuum leak as some of the braided hoses had become brittle. I replaced them all with some decent silicone hose and the problem went away. I think the reason it may happen at low RPM is that the vacuum is low...the higher the vacuum becomes may help to suck the tear/rupture back in to place? Just an idea...


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Car is a 99-A4 w/V6.

As of late noticing a stumbling/missing on acceleration at low rpms.  Usually notice it from about 500- to 1500-rpms when accelerating at part throttle.  Car idles fine and not getting any "check engine" light illuminations.  If on say 1st gear acceleration I keep the rpms up at 1200 to 1500 and slip the clutch a bit it doesn't happen, and never see it occurring during freeway cruising or otherwise. Also seems to have gotten worse with the warmer weather, but that may also just be a coincidence.

As I don't have a VAG-Com, haven't been able to check for fault codes.  Guessing that would be a good place to start, but otherwise, any other ideas?  Would almost seem like a vacuum leak, but not sure why it would only occur at low rpms.



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