[A4] Clutch Woes - Round 2

Richard Hurt rnhurt at gmail.com
Wed Jun 4 09:52:38 PDT 2008

I'm thinking that the vacume system wont work too well; some others have
remarked that Volvos, SAABs, and possibly some Audis have a check valve in
the master cylinder.  All you end up doing with a vacume system is draining
the master of all fluid.  :(

Anyway, I went to the hardware store today and got me a garden sprayer and
some supplies.  Now I just have to get a cap and a pressure guage and
assemble it.  Unfortunately I don't think I'll get the change to button this
up before we leave on vacation.  Nothing like coming back from the beach to
a car up on jack stands.  :/


On Wed, Jun 4, 2008 at 12:15 PM, thejimrose <thejimrose at gmail.com> wrote:

> hey you might try a 'mity-vac' which is a suction bleeder? they're
> available at most good auto parts stores, sears, and motorcycle shops
> usually carry them. might be just the ticket for sucking fluid through vs
> pushing it through?

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