[A4] syn oils

Brizax at aol.com Brizax at aol.com
Fri Jun 6 08:45:58 PDT 2008

people on the b5 S4 "twin turbo" forums have sent samples to the lab after  
running Mobil 1 for up to and a lil past 10k miles and the lab tests came back  
safe and clean, good stuff....   specially in a TT motor which would  break 
the oil down quicker imo. 
In a message dated 6/6/2008 11:27:19 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, Pbadore  

I am not so sure that the  3000 mile change interval for synthetic oil is 
such a waste. With US gasoline  still containing high levels of sulfur the 10,000 
interval is too long in my  opinion.  VW service engineers at the VW Auburn 
Hills, MI tech center are  seeing "bad things" with a 10K synthetic oil change  

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