[A4] syn oils

thejimrose thejimrose at gmail.com
Fri Jun 6 09:22:49 PDT 2008

i would think that an oil analysis lab would be able to tell you if your oil
was going to cause sludging problems. if you want to waste your money and
oil because it makes you sleep better at night, fine, but don't pretend it's
based on reality. 3k miles, as brandon said,is silly.

to the OP - first of all don't buy a car planning to solve sludge problems.
buy a car that's been meticulously maintained and with a warranty. from what
i know the b6's were very well sorted out, and did not suffer the sludge
issues that the b5's had, as they were mostly solved or revealed at the end
of the b5's tenure. not to mention control arms, abs sensors, airbag issues,
dash clusters, and about 27 other b5 specific plagues. just make sure when
you get it you chip it and throw some stasis streetsports on it
straightaway. it'll feel like it lost 1000lbs. =)

the oil i put in my 98 is filthy within 10 minutes of putting it in the
motor, the car has 160k, 60k with a k04 and 21lbs of boost and me trying to
blow it up every time i drive it, with no luck. i change the oil, every 7k
or so with m1 0w40, seafoam and techron pretty regularly. car just made
great compression across all 4, 2 weeks ago when i changed plugs. ymmv.

> I dont really care what a lab says who is to say it's still no developing
> sludge.
> and it might be fine for 10k miles, but for the sake of my engine's
> longevity i'll spend the extra money to make sure it has a good CLEAN oil.
> Deposits still build up as well as contaminants.
> -richard

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