[A4] Thinking about upgrading

thomas stanton gatotom at verizon.net
Fri Jun 6 10:56:51 PDT 2008

IMHO, that would be a good idea, I just did it for my wife, we traded in her 98 A4 2.7l Avant with 166000 miles, still original clutch, the on going problem with this motor is that its a oil leaker. We got a 05 A4 Avant 1.8l with 6 speed transmission with 36k on the clock. It is a sweet combo thou the 2.0l would have been the ultimate match, my wife loves this car, she loved the last one but this one is nicer because it has the same getup and go and it goes past the gas stations better than the last.

The reason we bought used over new is that I want the 2.0l tdi diesel motor and until they bring it in, no new. The deal from Audi on used 05-06 cars was good, 0.9% interest with the extended warranty minus the timing belt replacement.

tom stanton

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