[A4] Thinking about upgrading

Bill Reburn billreburn at shaw.ca
Fri Jun 6 11:03:09 PDT 2008

Also, with the B7's out for a while and B8's RIGHT around the  
corner... the value of the B6 generation cars (01 to 05?) is coming  
WAY down. A friend is returning a leased 05 USP A4 soon and it hurts  
how low the value is compared to when the lease began 4 years ago.

If you can find a really low mile 05, off a lease return or something,  
I think you'd have a great deal on your hands (like Tom's email  
below). The B6's also had a few problems with coilpacks and some small  
things, so as long as those details are already dealt with, I think  
you'll be trouble free for quite a while.


On 6-Jun-08, at 12:56 PM, thomas stanton wrote:

> IMHO, that would be a good idea, I just did it for my wife, we  
> traded in her 98 A4 2.7l Avant with 166000 miles, still original  
> clutch, the on going problem with this motor is that its a oil  
> leaker. We got a 05 A4 Avant 1.8l with 6 speed transmission with 36k  
> on the clock. It is a sweet combo thou the 2.0l would have been the  
> ultimate match, my wife loves this car, she loved the last one but  
> this one is nicer because it has the same getup and go and it goes  
> past the gas stations better than the last.
> The reason we bought used over new is that I want the 2.0l tdi  
> diesel motor and until they bring it in, no new. The deal from Audi  
> on used 05-06 cars was good, 0.9% interest with the extended  
> warranty minus the timing belt replacement.
> tom stanton
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