[A4] Certified Pre-Owned or not

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I agree that a CPO car is a good way to reassure yourself, but like Nick suggested, it has to be from a good dealer.  I worked for two Audi dealers, and one was a SNAFU.  They were certifying cars that had bent wheels and god knows what else. Where I live, there are not many good dealers period.  It seems to me that the gene pool for good technicians is starting to dry up.  The have kids wrenching on high end cars who have 1 year experience at Jiffy Lube...it just doesn't seem right to me.

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my first Audi was a CPO....I got a new clutch, new brakes, new MAF and a few
other sundries in the space of about 65000 miles...everytime there was a
warranty repair I got a free loaner. As it was an old B5 1.8T, I was also
concerned with the possibility of a timing belt problem too, but I did it
myself instead..a little preventative maintenance..did want to take the
chance. My vote therefore would be to buy a CPO from a good dealer...the new
B8's will be out soon, so you should be able to get a good deal..


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> Folks,
> I figured I'd poll the list. What do you think of CPO vehicles vs non-CPO
> vehicles? Is it a peace of mind thing? Does the factory warranty transfer
> to
> the second owner or is it only applicable to the first owner?
> Looking at Autotrader.com, it seems the cost riser for CPO is about $6-7k.
> A
> lot of repairs can be done with that...
> Thanks,
> Tom
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