[A4] Certified Pre-Owned or not

Brizax at aol.com Brizax at aol.com
Mon Jun 9 13:41:49 PDT 2008

my bad, didn't think anyone would be offending by such a comment, but maybe  
i am just a dumba$$ lol. i was not referring to all girls cant drive, my bad. 
i  DO apologize , i am not try'n to run anyone off this list for sho. 
In a message dated 6/9/2008 4:23:45 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,  
caliban at sharon.net writes:

On  Jun 9, 2008, at 1:15 PM, Robert King wrote:

> What's this?   "Clean up your act or I'm leaving?"
> Don't let the door hit you  on your way out...

that's exactly what it is.  and it's not so  much "clean up your act",
as briz will probably stay who he is.  but i  would really prefer not
to see that on the list.  if a request not to  see it on the list is
answered in the majority by "get off the list" then i  have no problem
doing  that.

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