[A4] Certified Pre-Owned or not

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most of my cars different brands what have you have gone 100k+ easily  on the 
oem clutch, but driving has a major play on that, like not speed matching  if 
you downshift and brake with the clutch and what have you. 
anyways you cant complain about a free clutch lol 
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Not all  clutch replacements have to do with wear and tear....keep that in 
mind.   Again, ours done at 49k was because I complained about some driveline 
slop  (front nose snub mount) and they elected to replace the clutch.  Hey, who  
am I to argue?  Free clutch?  Hell yeah.   I did a APR  snub after that which 
cleared up the driveline slop quite a bit.

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no, probably a lady  driver had driven it, or someone with a lousy foot. 

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Clutch in 65k miles... That sounds very low. My  current '94 B4 with V6 has
167k miles on it. I think it's the original  clutch. At least I haven't
changed it and I bought the car with 104k on  it...

Is the 1.8T a clutch  eater?


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