[A4] Is the A4 engine the same on Automatic and stick versions

Pbadore at aol.com Pbadore at aol.com
Thu Jun 19 20:19:55 PDT 2008

I have the same issue for a blown 96 A4 2.8l V6 5 speed with engine code AFC. 
The current ETKA shows that the automatic and manual crankshafts are common 
and use the same part number (1.8l Turbo crankshafts are unique for manual 
versus automatic).   However, I am not sure if the service crankshafts have been 
redesigned from the original production parts to have commonality. Others have 
had problems with the lack of interchangeability between manual and automatic 
AFC V6 engine crankshafts. If you search Audi World forums you will find the 
As for the odometer reading they are not in the ECU in any of the control 
units I have swapped in   B5 A4s

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