[A4] Overheating issue

Danton J.A. Cardoso djacardoso at gmail.com
Mon Jun 23 18:56:49 PDT 2008


Friday, I was involved in some stop/go traffic with outside
temperature in the mid 80's.  Had A/C on set to auto with it set at 70
degrees.  The temperature gauge began to move a needle's width from
normal (centre), and then eventually began to creep over to the middle
between hot and normal.  Oil temperature went up to 280. Also, check
engine light kicked on. Shut engine for a few, then went back started
it up and began to drive without the stop and go.  About 10 minutes
into drive coolant light flashed, gave out three dings, and stayed
lit.  Just about to shut off A/C and it blew hot.  Shut off engine for
a few minutes, started up again, no light, but sluggish performance.
Drove for about a mile. Coolant level was OK.  Turns out I need a fan
clutch, normal?  Car has almost 97K on the odometer.  H20 pump has
been replaced when timing belt was done as was thermostat.  I do not
have the codes, but according to mechanic, it was reading misfires,
was this attributed to the overheat?  Would there be any engine
damage, or it just simply overheated?

Danton J.A. Cardoso

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