[A4] Quattro System in '99 A4

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at hotmail.com
Sat Mar 1 12:39:42 PST 2008

Thanks all for the answer...and that's about what I expected.

My car is a 5sp V6 and yes it was quite predictable in the snow.  I  
don't run snow on my car, but I did find the traction really high.  A  
couple of 2nd gear rolling clutch drops weren't really breaking the  
tires loose, a move which would have accomplished the same in the old  
200.  And try as I might, last go around in the snow I couldn't find  
a nice large abandoned parking lot to mess around a bit to get the  
feel of things.

No ESP defeat button, so I'm under the impression that the car does  
not have that system.  My guess is that didn't come onboard until the  
later 2000+ models along with the electronic throttle control.


On Feb 29, 2008, at 9:46 AM, Brandon Rogers wrote:

> Derek-
> I'm not sure how good of a comparison this is because my A4 was a  
> '98.5
> 1.8Tq - and I'm not sure what happened, if anything from then until  
> '99
> MY - just never know with Audi.
> So anyway my car did not have ESP - just EDL which by my understanding
> applies brakes to wheels slipping compared to others.  So the way I
> understand it if they are all slipping - then no brakes applied.  With
> Nokian WR snows the A4 was absolutely incredible in the snow -  
> never any
> power reducing from the ECU (no ESP) and very predictable.  Easy to  
> get
> throttle over steer and very easy to get straight when you wanted  
> to.  I
> would think if you have ESP you would also have a "Defeat" switch  
> on the
> dash (I do in my '01.5 S4 - and I always defeat it) but I'm not sure.
> I'm not sure which motor/tranny combo you have but a manual tranny  
> with
> chipped 1.8T you get all the wheel spin you want.  Auto V6 I'd bet you
> won't - we don't in our Passat V6 4Motion.
> Hth
> Brandon
> '84 ur quattro 20Vt
> '01.5 S4
> '98.5 A4 SOLD

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