[A4] Quattro System in '99 A4

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Sat Mar 1 15:57:27 PST 2008

ESP was optional until 2001.  My 2000 did not have it.

Quoting Derek Pulvino <dbpulvino at hotmail.com>:

> Thanks all for the answer...and that's about what I expected.
> My car is a 5sp V6 and yes it was quite predictable in the snow.  I
> don't run snow on my car, but I did find the traction really high.  A
> couple of 2nd gear rolling clutch drops weren't really breaking the
> tires loose, a move which would have accomplished the same in the old
> 200.  And try as I might, last go around in the snow I couldn't find
> a nice large abandoned parking lot to mess around a bit to get the
> feel of things.
> No ESP defeat button, so I'm under the impression that the car does
> not have that system.  My guess is that didn't come onboard until the
> later 2000+ models along with the electronic throttle control.
> dp
> On Feb 29, 2008, at 9:46 AM, Brandon Rogers wrote:
>> Derek-
>> I'm not sure how good of a comparison this is because my A4 was a
>> '98.5
>> 1.8Tq - and I'm not sure what happened, if anything from then until
>> '99
>> MY - just never know with Audi.
>> So anyway my car did not have ESP - just EDL which by my understanding
>> applies brakes to wheels slipping compared to others.  So the way I
>> understand it if they are all slipping - then no brakes applied.  With
>> Nokian WR snows the A4 was absolutely incredible in the snow -
>> never any
>> power reducing from the ECU (no ESP) and very predictable.  Easy to
>> get
>> throttle over steer and very easy to get straight when you wanted
>> to.  I
>> would think if you have ESP you would also have a "Defeat" switch
>> on the
>> dash (I do in my '01.5 S4 - and I always defeat it) but I'm not sure.
>> I'm not sure which motor/tranny combo you have but a manual tranny
>> with
>> chipped 1.8T you get all the wheel spin you want.  Auto V6 I'd bet you
>> won't - we don't in our Passat V6 4Motion.
>> Hth
>> Brandon
>> '84 ur quattro 20Vt
>> '01.5 S4
>> '98.5 A4 SOLD
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