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William DeHaan wfdehaan at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 14 14:41:33 PDT 2008

We are looking at buying a 2002 A4 (B6) with something like 80k miles. What is the mileage that the timing belt should be replaced with this model. Also, should the water pump be done the same time? Anything else to look out for in this specific model? Thanks in advance,Zsolt
If it hasn't already been done it should be asap.  I had my timing belt done at 65,000 on my B5 and at 75,000 on my B6 (all highway miles).  My B7 is going in today with 65,000 for a new timing belt and yes, water pump.  It makes sense to have the water pump changed when you do the timing belt.  I had no other problems with my 2003 B6 (1.8tqm).  I turned it in with 93,000 miles with orig. brakes, susp., etc.  The car was great for me.
Bill DeHaan ('06 A4tqm & '99 A6 Avant)
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