[A4] New 99 A4 quattro

Zsolt Kovacs zsolt at 3D-Designs.net
Tue Mar 18 21:09:48 PDT 2008

>I thought I'd drop a note to brag about our "new" 99 A4 1.8T quattro.
>We just bought a car with 92k miles in very good condition. Not only 
>it has only 92k on but it also has a new factory engine with about 
>20k miles since the PO had the timing belt go under the extended 
>warranty. Other than that many of the major wear and tear components 
>have been changed; water pump, brakes including discs all around 
>etc... The PO took the car to the dealer with every little problems 
>which I am really happy about. The interior also looks virtually new.
>It's a tip, silver exterior, with beige leather interior and has new 
>tires as well. I Spent the last couple of days cleaning up the 
>engine bay and the paint and now it looks like a brand new car. :) 
>It really does! I love making these older cars look new. I wonder 
>why hardly anybody maintains their cars' paint not to mention wash 
>the engine (ever). It's a day and night difference. I swear it goes 
>faster too. I must have gained at least 10 more HP :) (which the 
>little 1.8T sure needs).
>The only things that I wish it would have is power and heated seats, 
>and perhaps the ski bag between the rear seats but I guess I can 
>just flip down the seat if needed for skiing. Well, that and maybe 
>more power... I doubt that we will be doing any mods.

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