[A4] Just got my VAG-COM and need help understanding codes

Richard van der Hoff quattro at rvanderhoff.org.uk
Thu Mar 20 02:54:05 PDT 2008

Tyson Varosyan wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> The car is a USDM 98 A4Q 2.8
> I just got my ebay cable with Vag-Com software.
> #1 I figured out what my Air Bag light was all about. A few months after
> cleaning and vacuuming the car, the light came on. The problem code
> reads:
>  01218 - Side Airbag Igniter Passenger Side (N 200)
>  32-00 Resistance Too High.
> I think this means that something got unplugged. Possibly under the seat
> where I was vacuuming? I looked before and found nothing loose. Help?

The connector under the seat gets gunked up, then breaks contact when 
you move the seat around, causing the above code. Clean it up with 
contact cleaner and give it a good wiggling. Reset the code, and hope 
that the problem goes away. If not, repeat.

> #2 My Cruise Control never worked. When I posted about it on this list a
> few months ago the answer was, "get a Vag-Com". Now I have one but I
> tried a bunch of "modules" and none of them had anything to do with the
> cruise control... How do I troubleshoot this?

The 2.8 has an electronic throttle, yes? The cruise control is 
controlled by the engine module in that case... Some of the display 
values concern cruise control - have a look at them and see if they are 
being sane.

> #3 The Vag-Com software SUCKS!

I think this is harsh. It's true that Ross-Tech tend to concentrate on 
getting the interface working on a broad range of vehicles rather than 
giving you a shiny UI, but I for one would rather it was that way.

> First, about 80% of the functions don't
> work until you pay for the program 

Uhm. Well, duh?

> and the program itself is not that
> great. I have worked with a few similar pocket-logger type things for my
> other OBD1 and Hybrid cars and this thing does not hold a candle. I
> think the potential is there - OBD2 is supposed to do a lot more,

What's it supposed to do that you can't do with VAG-COM?

> but
> this software did not impress me. Are there other options that can be
> used with my cable? Free is better, but non-free is OK too.

I don't know of anything more suitable.

There is a vag-com mailing list. Ross-Tech have a big presence there, 
and tend to be very helpful with questions such as yours about Cruise 
Control. If you have useful suggestions about the software, I'm sure 
they'd be prepared to hear them, too - but expecting it to work for 
free, or just randomly announcing it sucks, doesn't seem constructive.



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