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I didn't provide help on that topic as I'm not familiar...however Doc's message appears to be a good place to start.

On my car, I recently just replaced the majority of the vacuum line, but not the line to the cruise control diaphragm.
If electrically it checks out, vacuum line may be a good place to look as well.  A lot of the line on my car was in 
pretty shabby condition. I've only got about 75k on the car.  On my vehicle, the diaphragm is on the front of the engine,
beneath the coil packs.


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On a non drive by wire car, the cruise control is a vacuum system.  Vag 
com won't help with that.  You need to first check to see if the cruise 
stalk is working, then check the vacuum diaphragm, brake/clutch/gas 
switches, etc, etc.
Tyson Varosyan wrote:
> Guys, all of this is fascinating, but in no way helpful in
> troubleshooting as to why my Cruise Control does not work. A few months
> ago when I asked, I was told, "Get Vag-Com". Now that I have it, are you
> guys telling me that the CC system is stand-alone and has no diagnostic?
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