[A4] Clutch Pedal to the floor!

jaywelsh at verizon.net jaywelsh at verizon.net
Sun May 25 14:31:19 PDT 2008

About 30k miles ago on my '97 1.8T A4,  I had a similar problem.  I went to the stealership and they diagnosed as a failed/glazed clutch and estimated a 1500-1900 bill.  When I got my breath back I asked them what made then think it wasn't the slave cyl when I had never had any clutch problems and I do not ride the clutch?  They said that hey,  you can pay to have the slave replaced too if you want but we're sure it's the assembly.

I told them to start with the slave.  Well wouldn't you know as soon as they changed it out it was back to normal again! 

Makes you wonder about the whole skilled diagnostics thing!


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