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Because he stated that the pedal is on the floor and it had to be pulled
back up by hand.
I turn 57 tomorrow and even though I am not a mechanic by trade I have been
around the block many times with hydraulic clutch issues. If nothing else, I
have learned that when the slave fails it will usually leak and it can be
pumped up by foot a few times before it is dead for good. A failed master
seldom leaks but falls (or sticks) to the floor and can be pulled back up by
hand but is still useless unless you bleed it and then after that it will
work for a short period if at all. It there is fluid loss there might be
some other things going on instead of the slave or master. Speaking for the
type 85, B3 and B4 (BTDT with these) you might loose fluid through the hose
between the master and slave or lose it through bad grommets under the
reservoir. If the reservoir starts to get low you will get air into the
clutch system before the braking system. Please note that it does not have
to get low enough to cause the light to come on. Air in the system will make
the master fail. Add fluid and bleed it and it will work just fine until the
fluid gets low again.
Just my 2 cents (or is that a nickel now?) And I hope this helped explain my

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Just curious...any specific reason for advising:  'depress the cluch by
hand'  ?
> >> > On Sun, May 25, 2008 at 9:58 AM, Tom Love <theloves at localaccess.com>>
> wrote:> >> >> I have been through a few MC failures in the past and have
never found> >> fluid> >> leaks. Slave cylinder, yes. Why don't you get
under the car and have> >> someone> >> depress the clutch pedal by hand
while you watch to see if there is any> >> movement below?> >>> >>
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