[A4] Removing Center Trim...

Scott Simmons indischrot at gmail.com
Sat Nov 22 13:33:53 PST 2008

 From what I've heard, you can open up the cup holder to gain access to 
the piece of trim.  A small flatblade screwdriver or angled pick will 
allow you to slip under the trim and pull out.  It just snaps in and 
out, but you have to be very gentle with it.  I'd recommend working 
around the entire perimeter, a little bit at at ime.

I'll be attempting that job before long, so let me know how it goes.

~Scott S.

Derek Pulvino wrote:

>Bentley doesn't really specify and it's not completely obvious by  
>looking, but I'm guessing to get the top trim off the center console,  
>the radio needs to come out?
>The car is a 99.5 A4.  Looking to replace the flasher relay gone  
>flakey, so again it's the top piece of wood trim on the center console.
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