[A4] Removing Center Trim...

Jonathan jhhummel at bigpond.com
Sat Nov 22 18:25:57 PST 2008

Hey Derick,

Mine just pulls straight out. It's just held on through friction. However I 
think the clips that were meant to hold it one were broken prior to me 
getting the car.

If you can't find exact instructions for that year car, try leaving it off 
very gently with a thin piece of metal. Pry just enough to bend the trim, 
without permanently bending it. (a few mm) Where it resists moving, is 
probably where it is held on, either by clip or glue. Glue will of course be 
over a larger area than a clip, and can usually be separated with a long thin 
knife. Clips require a bit more imagination.

If your still completely lost, what about removing the trim from the foot 
wells so you can see behind?



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> Bentley doesn't really specify and it's not completely obvious by
> looking, but I'm guessing to get the top trim off the center console,
> the radio needs to come out?
> The car is a 99.5 A4.  Looking to replace the flasher relay gone
> flakey, so again it's the top piece of wood trim on the center console.
> dp
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