[A4] Change brakes

Scott Simmons indischrot at gmail.com
Wed Oct 1 09:14:32 PDT 2008

No tricks, really.  If you're you gonig to do the fluid, plan on doing 
all four calipers.  Other than that, keep in mind that it takes about 
500 miles for the brake friction coefficient to really .. uh.. 
maximize.  In other words, your braking capabilities are reduced for 
awhile after you put on new pads and rotors.

~Scott S.

Jonathan wrote:

>Hi All,
>I want to change the front brake rotors, pads and fluid on my 96 A4 2.6V6 FWD 
>(B5 model 8D chassis). I can get the rotors ($100 each) and pads ($50 set) 
>from SuperCheap. Just standard stuff I think, is there any pint getting more 
>expensive stuff for normal city driving?  (I'm happy to pay for longevity and 
>quality, but don't need the high performance stuff).
>Is there any special technique for replacing rotors, pads and brake fluid on 
>these cars? Do you just take the wheel off, then undo a few more blots, and 
>the whole thing comes off?
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