[A4] Disk Rotor Thickness

Jonathan jhhummel at bigpond.com
Fri Oct 3 23:41:46 PDT 2008

Hi All,

Further to my previous email about how to change brake disc rotors and pads, I 
thought I better check that all that work actually needed to be done. So I 
measured my front left rotor.

On the edge, where the pad isn't, it is 24.6mm thick. Where the pad is, it is 

Anyone know what the minimum thickness should be??

The guy at Audcare (Justin @ Artarman if your in Sydney BTW) said the rotors, 
pads and a whole lot of other stuff needed to be done on the last service. 
When I broke the news to him that I couldn't afford to pay him for all the 
work, (only 2/5) the brakes was one of the items that was canned. Which is 
fine, cause I can do that.



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