[A4] central locking dodgey

Trevor Jackson mancubus99 at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 14 08:13:02 PDT 2008

It sounds like you either have a leak in the vacuum system or the pump is
bad.  You can access the pump on the right side of the trunk behind the
carpet near the passenger side tail light.  You can open the trunk and lock
and unlock the doors using the remote to see if you can hear the pump
activate.  It should sound like a moaning sound.  If you do hear it and
nothing happens at the locks try removing the vacuum line from the nipple on
the pump and blow into the system with all the doors locked.  This should
cause the doors to unlock.  Sucking on the hose should have the opposite
effect.  They should open fairly easily.  If you find that you blow and
nothing happens then you most likely have a leak in your system somewhere. 

> Been a bit quiet on the list lately...
> I have a 96 A4, and sometimes the central locking just doesn't work.  
> I've
> found that with the alarm, it always locks. However sometimes I need  
> to turn
> the alarm off then on (using the key fob) several times to get the  
> doors to
> actually unlock. If i give up and use a key, it only works on that  
> door.
> Also, If I lock the doors from the inside, sometimes it only works  
> on that
> door, and takes a few goes to get all doors to lock.
> Any Ideas?
> I've heard of people having issues with alarms caused by a dieing  
> battery.
> Does that sound right? if so , how does one replace a battery?
> cheers
> Jon
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