[A4] '96 12V cold start problem

Jason Gray jason at datsuns.com
Tue Oct 14 23:14:16 PDT 2008

My 1996 a4 with a 12V-V6 has suddenly develped a cold starting problem. I usually need to crank it over 5-10 times before the engine catches and begins running. Cranking long duration does not help, the only times it seems prone to start is the first instant just after the starter engauges, then it might feebly start sputtering. Once it stays running, it idles really poorly for first minute or so then once warmed up it drives just fine. It re-starts fine when warm, but anytime it is shut down for more than 4-6 hours it reproduces the cold start behavior.

Any suggestions for a likely culprit to the problem?  It feels like a fuel problem, or some kind of big vacuum leak that goes away.  

Jason Gray
Eagle River, AK

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