[A4] '96 12V cold start problem

Kent McLean kentmclean at comcast.net
Sat Oct 18 14:20:31 PDT 2008

Jonathan wrote:
> You Sure? Are you looking at a 96 2.6L V6 A4? Right hand drive? I had a look 
> and couldn't see anything resembling OBDII. What I did find in the drivers 
> foot well near the centre consol, was a plethora of plugs and stuff not 
> plugged into anything. Like 3.5mm mono and stereo plugs, coax plug and 2 wire 
> and 3 wire locking plugs. Anyone has any ideas as to what they could be? The 
> ones on the locking plugs look pretty high current. (for electronic devices, 
> not motors etc...)

Right hand drive?  It might not have US spec OBD-II.  Take a look again at
this web site, which may give you a cheap and easy way to pull the diagnostic
codes.  Than again, thus pre-OBD-II method may still be US spec.


You may find that the connectors identified on that web page might match
what's under your center console. On the Type 44 200s, those connectors
were in the (left hand drive) driver's footwell, under the steering

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