[A4] '96 12V cold start problem

Scott Simmons indischrot at gmail.com
Sat Oct 18 14:33:00 PDT 2008

I believe OBDII was a global initiative and I also believe we've 
established that the 96 A4 had the OBDII connector in the rear 
ashtray... ja?

~Scott S.

Kent McLean wrote:

>Jonathan wrote:
>>You Sure? Are you looking at a 96 2.6L V6 A4? Right hand drive? I had a look 
>>and couldn't see anything resembling OBDII. What I did find in the drivers 
>>foot well near the centre consol, was a plethora of plugs and stuff not 
>>plugged into anything. Like 3.5mm mono and stereo plugs, coax plug and 2 wire 
>>and 3 wire locking plugs. Anyone has any ideas as to what they could be? The 
>>ones on the locking plugs look pretty high current. (for electronic devices, 
>>not motors etc...)
>Right hand drive?  It might not have US spec OBD-II.  Take a look again at
>this web site, which may give you a cheap and easy way to pull the diagnostic
>codes.  Than again, thus pre-OBD-II method may still be US spec.
>You may find that the connectors identified on that web page might match
>what's under your center console. On the Type 44 200s, those connectors
>were in the (left hand drive) driver's footwell, under the steering

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