[A4] Engine swap question

Tyson Varosyan tyson at up-times.com
Tue Sep 2 21:51:18 PDT 2008

Hi guys,


I own a wrecked '96 2.8L A4Q automatic - good engine and tranny. I have
the option to buy a cheap '98 1.8T A4Q 5-speed with a blown motor. The
idea here is to pull the motor from the wrecked car and put it in the
other one.




#1 Will the 2.8L (auto) motor bolt to the stick tranny from the 1.8 car?

#2 What besides the engine will need to be moved? Obviously the ECU, but
is the engine harness the same? Fuel rail hook-ups? Etc?

#3 Here in Washington State, emission checks for OBD2 cars are done
without an actual check of emissions - they just plug into the
diagnostic port on your car, check the ECU for codes and take your $15.
Problem is, their machine will read that the car has a 4-banger, when in
fact it will have a 6. Will this interfere with getting future emissions
tests for the car? Is there a legal workaround?




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