[A4] 1998 A4 - problem with starting the car ... engine speed sensor

Venkat Ratnam venkat14 at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 29 00:59:34 PDT 2009



I have been having this problem for some time. I am able to start my car in the morning. After driving 10 mins if I stop the car fo rany reason (to fill gas for example), it doesn't start again. It starts sometimes after 20 minutes. The battery is new, you can hear the car trying to start (electrical is fine) but it doesn't start.


I took it to a dealer who performed diagnosis and recommended that the "engine speed sensor" be changed. They said that the current enginer speed sensor measurement is at .974kOhm, SPEC. is 0.73 to 1 kOhm and found that the engine speed sensor is almost out of spec.


Do you think replacing the engine speed sensor will take care of this problem?


How much does it typically cost to replace this?





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