[A4] 1998 A4 2.8 Quattro - Problem with door locks ..

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It's either a vacuum leak, a faulty vacuum pump or possibly a blown fuse.
Check your fuses first, then check the pump itself.  If you look in the
trunk on the right side, the vacuum pump should be behind the carpet on the
wall just behind the wheel well.  If the pump is faulty you can force the
gas tank to open by removing the tube from the top of the pump and blowing
into it.  As long as there are no leaks in the system, all doors and the gas
tank flap should unlock.

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I have the following problem. When I press the remote to close all the car
doors, I hear the beep but the doors don't close or open automatically. Even
if I use the key to manually lock or unlock the doors, only the front driver
side door closes (and I hear the beep). I have to open and close all the
other doors manually.
I ran into a bigger problem now. The door to the gas tank doesn't open at
all for the same reason either with the remote or with the key.
Any ideas on what you think is the problem?
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