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The B5 A4's used a pneumatic system to actuate the door locks and the gas door.  Everyone else has been using solenoids.  That's why Audi locks were slow and smooth, whereas all others went "thunk".

It is likely that you have a break in the air lines, and no air is getting to the lock or gas cylinders.

Google search yields: http://en.allexperts.com/q/Audi-Repair-1811/2008/1/Door-lock-problems.htm



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I have the following problem. When I press the remote to close all the car doors, I hear the beep but the doors don't close or open automatically. Even if I use the key to manually lock or unlock the doors, only the front driver side door closes (and I hear the beep). I have to open and close all the other doors manually.
I ran into a bigger problem now. The door to the gas tank doesn't open at all for the same reason either with the remote or with the key.
Any ideas on what you think is the problem?
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