[A4] Changing Control Arms...

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 15 12:43:24 PST 2009

The vehicle is a '99 A4 and among other things, getting the 1975 Dodge Dart clunking in the front end.  Yep, guessing some control arms need to be replaced.  Even though only one side is clunking I figure as it's a common ailment, I just paid a mint on new tires, an alignment is required (and based on wear of my last tires needed), I might as well address this.

I've read a little on Audiworld and Blau's site and looks fairly straightforward but maybe a touch time consuming.  Wondering if others who have done this job could chime in on what kind of time commitment I'm looking at and if there are any oddities I should expect along the way.  Also, does just a wholesale update using like a full Blau kit make sense or am I throwing good money after bad?  Any special tools?

If nothing else, I guess living in the saltless streets of Seattle should be a blessing for undoing bolts.


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